Saturday, August 29, 2015

TSA Agent in NY Charged With Molesting Traveler in Bogus Search

A TSA employee will be tried for luring a woman to a bathroom where he molested her, claiming that he was conducting a standard security search
TSA Agent in NY Charged With Molesting Traveler in Bogus Search
by Sputnik | August 29, 2015

Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as having said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
While many consider Franklin a visionary, it’s doubtful that America’s founding fathers could have foreseen the fondling of fathers, mothers and everyone else attempting to depart from US airports by the 50,000+ employees of the country’s Transportation Security Administration.The agency’s pat-down procedure has remained largely unquestioned by the majority of people who make use of US airports. Now, however, a TSA agent may be sent to jail for unlawfully groping a young woman, giving a new meaning to the schoolboy expression ‘cop a feel’.
The 40-year-old suspect Maxie Oquendo brought the woman in an airport bathroom on Thursday while wearing a TSA uniform, which constituted sufficient grounds for a 22-year-old traveler to follow him, said a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Joe Pentangelo.
“Supposedly he took her into another area using his official position, being in uniform, and she thought it was a part of his official duty,” Pentangelo said. Oquendo was arrested for forcible touching, official misconduct and unlawful imprisonment, the Port Authority police said, adding that it was impossible to immediately provide Oquendo with an attorney.”TSA is working in close partnership with the Port Authority Police Department in support of this investigation,” TSA administrator Peter Neffenger said in a statement. According to authorities, Oquendo was fired by the Transportation Security Administration the day after the incident.

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Shock Video: Black Couple Beat White Woman: “Wrong Hood, Bitch”

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Would Trump’s Immigration Plan Lead to a Race War?

Donald Trump has no doubt rattled the latest election circus with his blunt rhetoric and populist opinions
by Joshua Krause | The Daily Sheeple | August 21, 2015

Donald Trump has no doubt rattled the latest election circus with his blunt rhetoric and populist opinions.
However, his ideas on immigration have been gaining the most attention. Conservative Americans are tired of paying taxes on welfare benefits for people who have broken the law, and they’re tired losing jobs to foreigners while they struggle to succeed in their own country.
So I totally understand why Trump would have achieved so much popularity based on his tough stance on illegal immigration. However, we should ask ourselves how realistic his ideas are. If you’re a conservative and you like Donald Trump, take a step outside of your belief system for just a moment, and think about what his ideas would entail.
According to Trump, this is what his immigration policy would look like.
  • Build a wall that spans the entire southern border, and force the Mexican government to pay for it.
  • Triple the number of ICE agents and enforce a nationwide E-verify policy
  • Deport all criminal aliens and end catch and release policies at the border
  • Cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities
  • Enhanced Penalties for immigrants who overstay their visas
  • Use ICE agents to help police departments crack down on gangs
  • Put an end to birthright citizenship and deport all illegal immigrants, with the option of allowing some of them to return.
Now a few of these sound feasible, but that last one in particular is extremely problematic, and not for the reasons you might be thinking of. You’ll hear plenty of people say that it’s not possible to deport 11 million people (conservative estimate) or that it would hurt the economy, but that’s not the real issue at hand. Again, step away from you think is right or wrong for a moment, and try to look at this without an ideology. I know a lot of the people reading this would like to see every illegal immigrant shipped out of this country, and their reasons make sense. If you feel strongly about being an American, then you probably don’t want to see this country flooded with people who might never identify as Americans, and will receive tax dollars along the way. But you have to remember that actions have consequences, even if you think those actions are the right thing to do. The real issue is how these illegals will respond to the threat of deportation, especially those that might have their citizenship retroactively revoked. And to understand how they might respond, you need to recognize some of their political beliefs. For starters, there was a poll conducted in 2002 which found that 58% of Mexicans believe that the Southwestern United States rightfully belongs to Mexico, and a similar percentage believed that because of this, they don’t need permission to enter the US. So it’s safe to say that the majority illegals neither respect nor recognize the territorial integrity of the US. This isn’t just about finding a better job; many of them feel that they have the right to be here. The other fact you should know, is how Mexicans feel about secession. Apoll taken in 2008 found that on average, 22% percent of American adults believe that a state has the right to secede. When broken down by race, it was found that Hispanics felt the strongest on this issue, with 43% saying that they supported the right to secession. With these polls in mind, I think you could surmise that not only do millions of Mexicans believe that the Southwest isn’t truly a part of the United States, but that it should also be returned to Mexico. How do you think these people will react to being deported en masse? We’re talking  millions of people who have grown up listening “reconquista” rhetoric. Honestly, I think if you try to deport these people from what they consider to be their country, if you start defunding sanctuary cities, and you force Mexico to build a wall along a border that Mexicans don’t believe to exist, it’s going to ignite a lot of these claims that they have against the US. Because of what they believe, they’re going to treat this like our government is ethnically cleansing them, regardless of what it really is, and I think they will physically resist it. Right now, I don’t think most Mexicans feel too strongly about this issue. Most will admit that they don’t believe the Southwest belongs to America, but most of them don’t act on that belief. They’re not actively trying to break off sections of US territory. But if you start deporting millions of people, it’s going to cause a radical shift in the political priorities of many Mexicans that live in this country, regardless of their citizenship status. They’re going to view it as an act of war on their culture, and they will act accordingly. Basically, I think that a mass deportation will cause a race based conflict in this country, which is exactly what the elites have always wanted. They want war between the citizens and the government, they want war between religions, and they want war between different races. Any kind of conflict that exists within a population, will take the heat off their backs, and gives them the excuses they need to introduce more tyrannical policies. So if you don’t think that these people belong in the US, I think that you have a legitimate grievance. But you need to know what you’re getting into if you’re going to vote for Trump and his immigration policy. Honestly, I think it would turn the Southwestern US into a big pile of ashes, and plunge our nation into martial law. At the end of the day, good intentions don’t always lead to good results.

#BlackLivesMatter Mob Invades Central West End- BUSTS OUT Car Lights – BEATS PEDESTRIANS (VIDEO)

#BlackLivesMatter Mob Invades Central West End- BUSTS OUT Car Lights – BEATS PEDESTRIANS (VIDEO)

PICTURED: Hero US airman and friends who disarmed Moroccan terrorist

PICTURED: Hero US airman and friends who disarmed Moroccan terrorist

TSA Tried to Intimidate Us for Opting Out

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