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World Famous Photographer: Morbid Obesity is ‘Beautiful’

Why is the establishment press promoting the body image of morbid obesity as normal?
World Famous Photographer: Morbid Obesity is 'Beautiful'
by Paul Joseph Watson | April 17, 2015

World famous photographer Yossi Loloi is railing against commonly accepted ideas of feminine attraction by photographing morbidly obese women as part of what he calls the “Full Beauty” project.
Loloi claims that these images are “a form of protest against discrimination set by media and by today’s society”.
Yet this “beauty” project been given positive press by Newsweek, Marie Claire, the Huffington Post and numerous other mainstream publications.
Why is the establishment press promoting the body image of morbid obesity as normal, acceptable, and even something to be encouraged? What kind of message is this sending to young women? Just like anorexia, morbid obesity is directly linked with numerous chronic health conditions. You don’t see anorexia being promoted as a positive lifestyle choice, and rightly so, so why on earth is being severely overweight now portrayed as something to aspire to? And why on the flip side do we see healthy eating now being labeled a mental disorder? Why do we see women who encourage fitness being publicly shamed and attacked in the media? Meanwhile, feminists are whining about advertisers creating “sexist” commercials for attractive healthy beach bodies, while they simultaneously promote morbid obesity as trendy and progressive. Which is the better message about body image to send out to young women? I don’t really care if you’re overweight, and I’m not encouraging that fat people be bullied or verbally abused. But to describe morbid obesity as “beauty” is crazy. As I document in my previous video, ‘The Truth About Fat Shaming’ – fat pride activists are now even being given their own TV shows. Meanwhile, people who criticize morbid obesity are being reported to the police for hate crimes. Last month, obesity expert Dr Sarah Jackson told the Daily Mail that fat shaming should be made illegal and that mocking the obese should be on a par with sexism and racism. Loloi believes that by venerating obesity he is challenging the “dictatorship of esthetics”. But the only dictatorial behavior is being exhibited by fat pride activists, some of whom would rather see critics of their lifestyle arrested than them being forced to address the fact that they’re grossly overweight, and need to do something about it. Fat people now even suing airlines for not providing large enough seats and demanding doors be made wider. The rest of society must be coerced to conform to their whims – so who’s acting like the dictatorial bully here? Sharing this authoritarian zeal to silence free speech, intersectional feminists have embraced the fat pride movement, pushing a lifestyle that is incredibly harmful to women, and encouraging them to languish in a state of perpetual victimhood. And notice how obese men are nowhere to be seen – you only ever see women. That’s because top feminists like Naomi Wolf believe that men being attracted to normal sized, fertile, pretty women is a grand conspiracy crafted by the evil western patriarchy, the beauty and cosmetics industry. According to them it has nothing whatsoever to do with the manifestly provable scientific fact that men are sexually attracted to women based on the hip to waist ratio. The smaller the waist, the more desirable the woman. But feminists don’t like science. They think basic biological reality is sexist and misogynistic. “I believe there are several ways to what is perceived as beauty, it is not measurable and has not got a standard size,” claims Loloi. Well yes it clearly is measurable and we know that from scientific studies which proved that women of 5ft 5in weighing more than 150lb were “unattractive” to men. Why is our culture promoting ugliness and ill health? Why is the establishment media and sections of the art world labeling obesity as “beauty”? If this was just some obscure group of artists or tumblr social justice warriors then fine, but this is now being endorsed from the very top. This is about the tyranny of elevating people’s feelings, their victimhood mentality, and their obsession with not being offended – over and above basic fundamental health concerns, scientific reality, and the perfectly normal and rational response to be repelled by the sight of morbid obesity. This is about the morbidly obese shirking responsibility and pointing the finger of blame at society and the bogeyman of the evil patriarchy for a problem that they refuse to deal with due to their own laziness, self-entitlement and delusion.
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